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Thursday, February 5, 2015

I must have done something right...

Apparently! Just heard in the news this morning that one of my former students (who was in my class for Dutch and English) has a great chance of winning the most important literary prize in the low countries.

Fikri El Azzouzi went to school in Temse, where I have worked for ten years. I taught a whole generation of youngsters there Dutch and English. But at the time I would not have thought that Fikri would amount to such heights. He was a bit lazy and did not have the right attitude.

But students can surprise you, as you can see. Others of this school have also done great things. One of my former students is now a biologist who studied in London and another has become a journalist.

I'm glad to see that lots of the guys from Temse still befriend me on Facebook. That way I can keep up with what they are doing in life. I loved teaching there and have good memories of those classes I taught - even if there were some (the biologist) who liked to set the class in uproar. One day he put a push pin on my chair... But I knew my guys, so I went to inspect the class before the lessons started - and put the pin on Ilja's chair. Have we laughed that day!

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