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Monday, February 2, 2015

The teaching profession

This morning, I heard in the radio news that more and more teachers become ill after they'd turned 55. Last year, more absences were noted than the previous years.

Small wonder. If the government changes a lot of rules (the most important one being that you could take a form of pre-pension when you were 55, with 85% of your normal wages, named TBS) you can expect more people to become ill or depressed.

Now the former TBS can still be had, but only from age 58 - and for less than half of your wages! Who'll do that?

I'm nearing my 59th birthday, and from experience I know teaching becomes tough when you're getting older. Not that I don't like my job anymore, or can't get along with the youngsters, but it's becoming harder and harder to work full time. Classes for language teachers are big, and you have loads of administration to do.

It would be an improvement if the minister could change some of the rules for older teachers. Like doing 5 hours less and having less administration. That would make it easier to remain working until you are 65. Or use older teachers to train younger ones.

How is the situation where you live?

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