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Monday, February 23, 2015

Where is the world going to?

Lately, I've noticed that some people are getting more and more crazy. Tbere are no boundaries for their lunacy anymore. Take those fools of IS, who murder at random. Another example is the fool who is threatening food chain Delhaize. He wants to get money (for what? for having his credit card declined because his credit line was overdrawn?) and if he doesn't get it, he'll kill 5 people at random. He has already thrown acid into the face of a cleaning woman at a supermarket in Antwerp.

Can you believe this? What are all those fools thinking?

Another thing that worries me is how more and more youngsters take their own life. Committing suicide at 13, can you believe it? Two days ago, another victim became known. A young boy who was bullied at school. And the parents blame the school, of course! (I think that is the worst part of it.) When a teacher notices some kids bullying another, he or she will intervene of course. But a child should not be bullied. Where is the use of calling someone names if that person doesn't pay credit to what they're saying?

My sister and I were raised to think for our own. We were made aware of all that could go wrong, and how to react on it. That is the task of good parents. And believe me, both of us could have been bullied at school. My sister was a little bit too fat, and I had a bad eye (even with an operation by the best physician of that time, it still isn't what it should be now). But nobody called us names. They knew what would happen. I can bring down someone both physically or by words only. This ability to use my words freely has often helped me in my classes. Cracking a joke can disarm possible dangerous situations, you know. An example: of of my nutcases at a given moment jumped off his seat and ran to the window (third floor of the school). He opened the window, put one leg out of it and then turned to me. "What are you going to do now?" he asked tautingly. So I replied: "Nothing, of course. I'm not going to crack my back by holding back your weight." And the whole class laughed. The guy closed the window and returned to his seat. (Well, later on he murdered an old woman just for a few Euro.)

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