Monday, October 2, 2017

Autumn's in the air

Since a couple of days, we're really into autumn (or fall, for the Americans). Time to put away the summer gear and change your wardrobe from skirts and t-shirts to jeans and (light) pullovers. It's getting dark by 7.30 pm now and soon we'll have to put on the lights by 4 pm.

Now I don't mind this season, as long as it keeps dry. It's nice to go walking, with all the trees having various colors: red, brown, something in-between.

But when rain lashes out and the branches of the trees blow in all directions, then it's not so nice. I just hate rain! My bones can't bear humidity anymore - actually, I should move to some place where the sun keeps shining all year through, and where the atmosphere is dry as well. 

Of course, for foodies this is a great season. I just love dishes with vegetables that are in season. Like now, mushrooms. Soon there will be others too, like Brussels sprouts. Lots of kids don't like to eat them, but we got them from early age on, and got to love all sorts of cabbage. For sprouts though, it needs to freeze to get the best ones.

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