Thursday, October 19, 2017

# MeToo

The affair Weinstein stirred quite a bit. Everyone is talking about it now, and the hashtag MeToo has been gathering a lot of testimonials from women who were sexually abused.

I'd like to share my own view on this subject. First of all, let me state that unwanted advances happen - I suppose it's in the nature of man. He's a hunter, has been, always will be out to conquer. But of course, that's no excuse. No man should advance a woman with attentions she doesn't ask for.

As a woman, I've never had any problem with handling such situations. Raised mainly by a grandmother who was world-savvy and very outspoken, I learned from early age on that my body was my own and that nobody was allowed to touch it if I didn't want to.

When a man advances me from behind and for instance slides his arm around my middle, he'll get a sharp elbow into his stomach. Or when they touch my backside, I'll slap their hands or face. I don't care where or when, ,or who the person is. Personal integrity is important. There are some men around who know what I mean. One of them had to walk around with a broken nose and one blue eye for some time...

I.m.o. it's wrong to think you need to allow sexual harassment to get a better job, to advance yourself. That is selling yourself. Regretfully, there are women who like to use their sex appeal to better themselves. But does that make you happy???

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