Sunday, October 22, 2017

How do you cope with problems?

When faced with a problem, not everyone deals with it the same way.

Some people don't want to face the problem. Others only see a problem and it becomes bigger and bigger in their eyes. Others turn to friends, family, to ask for advice. Others turn to faith.

It's so different from person to person. I know from experience. My neighbor Yvette, who has lungcancer, always hears from her sister how silly she is. Yvette has lost her hair and feels weak from the chemo, but the sister doesn't seem to understand how different Yvette's situation is from mine. I don't have lungcancer and don't get chemo. So how can you compare?

Now I know people think I'm a tough cookie. That's because I face my problem head on. I know what cancer of the kidney is and what it can do. I know that my days may be counted. But do I have to feel sorry for myself? No! I enjoy life and will always do. I've informed myself enough and I just hope I'll be among those lucky ones who still live a long and enjoyable life.

Tomorrow I'll hear more about what's to follow. Now that my kidney (with the cancer tumor) has been removed, it's time for further treatment. Because I only have one kidney, chemo and immunotherapy can't be used. The oncologist has to work with medication that targets the metastasis. These are relatively new and a lot of research is still going on. I hope they find something that can reduce the growth in my pancreas or even make it disappear.

But up to now, I eat well, I sleep well and I do what I do every day. And writing about it also helps. I have the support of lots of people - among them some I don't even know that well.

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