Saturday, October 14, 2017

Summer mid October

Believe it or not, but it's just like summer today and the coming days. Temperatures of more than 20° Celsius and lots of sunshine.

The coast is up for a very busy weekend. Lots of people drove to one of the coastal resorts yesterday and will be spending the weekend there. Unfortunately, we couldn't go as I had a short stay in the hospital once more.  Only came home yesterday and was still feeling somewhat racked. A good nightrest helped a lot, though.

I can't recall we've ever had such nice weather in October. In 2011 we had a beautiful weekend with high temperatures, but that was at the end of September until the beginning of October. This is something special and we can only enjoy it.

We've been busy riding the bike to run some errands a bit out of town - something you don't do when the wind is blowing hard and it's raining. Now at last we have what we needed.

Tomorrow we're going to spend some time in the garden, picking up the leaves from all our neighbor's trees (!) and disposing of them. A couple more weeks, and then the tress will be free of them. And we also need to do some work on the terrace. Well, we won't be needing a warm jacket!

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