Monday, November 27, 2017

Haven't been feeling well

I haven't written something for a while yet, the main reason being I was not feeling very well. My treatment against cancer has some side effects and not every day is a good one. That being said, I must say I count myself lucky because I do have days in which I feel OK. Some patients are poorly every day.

At the same time, I also suffer from a severe head cold and that's not helping either. Just like watching tennis the past weekend. Belgium didn't win the Davis Cup. David Goffin was his usually great self, but Steve Darcis could better have stayed at home.

Today is a day not to go outside (but I had to, as I need to run some errands). I got drenched! The rain keeps falling. When there's one thing I hate it's rain. It chills my bones. I can stand extreme heat and cold, as long as it keep dry.

Just heard on the radio that Prince Harry and Megan are finally engaged. Harry has always been my favorite British prince.