Sunday, November 5, 2017

Salamander season 2

We've just been watching the 2013 series of Salamander - with Filip Peeters and a lot more superb Flemish actors. The series starts with a break-in in a private bank, and 166 safes are opened, the contents removed. Soon afterwards, the owners of these safes get a message... Some of them commit suicide, others are killed. Clearly, someone is out on revenge on the Salamander group. Chief of police Paul Gerardi (Filip Peeters) starts his investigation, but is hindered from the start. He loses his badge and needs to continue on his own. His wife becomes the victim of this: she's killed with a car bomb meant for him.

It all goes back to something that happened in WWII. Guys of the resistance are betrayed by their chief, but another gets the blame. It's his son who seeks revenge and wants to clear his father's name.

In the second series, Paul Gerardi will have to investigate a case in the Matonge quarter. He suspects that some members of Salamander are involved in this. Little does he know he'll bring himself and his daughter (one of my former pupils, Violet Braekman) in danger...

The new series will be aired next year and most likely, it'll also get to Netflix, like the first one. Something to look out for!

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