Thursday, November 9, 2017

Radio is still a powerful medium

Although it's thought to be outmodisch, radio still has a lot of power. Here in Belgium, Radio 2 is the most-listened-to radio station - in my home, the radio is switched on as soon as I get out of bed and tuned to Radio 2.

One of the most popular programs (between 8 and 9 am) is De Inspecteur (the Inspector) presented by Sven Pichal. Everyone who has a problem can contact him and he tries to find a solution. And there you can see how much influence radio still has. Most of these problems are solved - especially because the national press also picks up these and the big companies are quick to respond in a positive way...

This week it's about finding shoe buddies - yes, you read well. Apparently, there are people who have different foot sizes. Like right a 37 size and left a 38. Up to now such people needed to buy two pair of shoes everytime they needed new ones.

Sven was already able to persuade two big companies of shoe sellers (Torfs and Brantano) to sell the second pair for half the price, but now they also have a Facebook group where you can find a shoe buddy. Someone who has the same problem but then vice-versa. Together you can then go and find a suitable pair of shoes. Each one buys a pair and they switch the other shoe. Great idea, right?

Are there any other programs like this in other parts of the world?

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