Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Just love Stephanie Plum!

I don't recall when the first Stephanie Plum novel was published (somewhere in the '90s) but  I have been reading all of them ever since. They never fail to bring a laugh!

Stephanie is single, thirty-ish and ... a total failure. She's lost her previous job and now tries her luck as bounty hunter. You can guess how that goes. Good for her, she has help. There's Lula, a former hooker, but she's more of a risk than a  help. Next there are the guys - two of them, and it's difficult to choose either one of them.

There's Joe Morelli, copper and on-and-off fiancé to Steph, but there's also sexy Ranger, ex-Special Services and deadly attractive. Both have it on for Stephanie. I once asked Janet Evanovich in my Ten Questions if you would let it end with Steph picking one guy, but she left it in the middle.

These books never bore you and you want to read until you've reached 'The End'. The situations are funny and full of surprises. I sure hope Janet will continue to write on this series, as I just love it!

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