Saturday, November 11, 2017

He comes, he comes...

For most people, November 11th will be the day we remember the end of the first World War. But to us and all who live in the region Dendermonde-Aalst, it means something else.

When we were kids, we almost couldn't sleep the night between November 10 and 11. Because that was the day Saint Martin would come with presents and goodies for those children who had been good. It's more or less like the American SantaClaus. Saint Martin actually existed. He was a saint, who gave his cloak to a beggar.

For a little child it means something very special when you wake up, and you find some toys and chocolate next to the chimney (because the good saint drops the presents through it). Of course you'd put down some food for his horse, like carrots and turnip. Little did we wonder why we ate a stew the other day...

We only asked for one present, I remember. A new dress for our Barbie, which were so expensive when we were kids. We needed to save up for almost a year on the little pittance we got for pocket money to buy a new dress. Nowadays, kids ask like a full toy store!

As I went to the shops yesterday, I could buy some treats as even grown-ups like to be surprised at times!

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