Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A ray of sunshine

The sun is out this morning! What a change to the grey days we've been having for weeks at en end. It's quite unusual that such long periods don't have a bit of sunshine.

And the sun is just wellness for our body (if you don't exaggerate)! Right now, I don't mind going outside. I'll take my bike and head into the city, riding around and fetching some errands. But the past weeks... they were so depressing.

I really need some sunshine every now and then. The last time we saw sun galore was during our city trip to Madrid, Spain in August. Since then we've seen clouds pass by, had rain (and in the Alps this was snow - they haven't had so much snow for ages there), got stuck in the mist, ...

Is this due to climate change? I don't know. Some people say in their time their used to be 4 seasons. But memories can play a trick on you. I also remember winters with snow, and there are some pictures in the old albums to prove it, but I really can't say if it was only a couple of days or a longer period.

Anyway, I intend to enjoy that sunny day. Tomorrow they say it's going to rain once more!

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