Thursday, January 18, 2018

Stormy weather

This has quite been some morning! Yesterday, we already got a warning that a heavy storm would pass our region. Now we have code orange, which means there can be damage to buildings and people. The wind has a speed over 100 km/hour.

There have been casualties already. A tree fell on a car, and the driver didn't make it. Roofs have gone, trees were uprooted.

The hazelnut tree at the back of our garden sweeps from left to right. Luckily it's a strong one, more than 30 years old. My sister planted it when she was a kid.

People who live near the railway tracks also got the warning they should remove everything that can fly away. So I put our waste bin in the shed. The green PMD carrier (in which we put our kitchen waste, also leaves and grass) I've left, because it's too heavy. It can move around a bit, but it won't take flight.

The same weather in Holland and parts of Germany. We got more storms these past year, and they do more damage.

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