Friday, January 26, 2018

For travellers

Some people like to travel, others don't. I surely belong to those who do. It's only natural, too. When I was just a toddler, my grandma was telling me about Rome and Milan or the south of Germany. She and my granddad loved to make trips abroad (which was not very common in those days, but then they were rather well-off). Also my own parents loved to travel and as soon as my sister and I were old enough (I believe 6 years was the mark) we could accompany them. As kids we went skiing in the Alps, went to Spain and other southern countries in Europe.

When we grew up, Chris and I wanted to see more of the world. For us, travelling is about discovering new places, get into contact with other cultures, tasting the local food and drinks. In our twenties, we jetted to Peru and Bolivia, Kenya and Thailand already. Or went skiing in the Rockies (both the US and Canada).

During the past ten years, we did more city trips. We came to the conclusion we hadn't seen that much in Europe yet. So we went to different towns in various countries and spent a couple of days there - Madrid, La Rochelle, Hamburg, Budapest, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Stockholm, Oslo, Bukarest, Athens, ....

Today, we've visited 30 countries in four continents - and we're still counting. I hope to reach at least 40 (keep my fingers crossed). This year we should reach 33 and perhaps 34, depending on future plans.

Not mentioning our own country Belgium, we've been to Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Great-Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Rumenia, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Tunesia, Turkey, USA, Sweden and Switzerland.

I'd be interesting to hear from people who've travelled a lot as well. Where have you been? Which countries, cities?

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