Saturday, January 6, 2018

Busy, busy!

These past few days - and the next ones - have been and will be pretty busy!

On Tuesdays we took the Eurostar train to St. Pancras, London, where we stayed at a hotel in Islington (not far from St. Pancras, by foot about 15 minutes, but tube to Angel only 3). We went mainly to see some shows, as usual, but also took in some of the 'couleur locale' as they say in French.

We visited Camden, where they have a nice market (more about this in my travel blog) - and also did a bit of shopping. I was able to buy a very nice skirt from Ralph Lauren for 3/4 of the retail price! That's a sale in my opinion.

But the main reason were the shows we went to see. The first one was Kinky Boots at the Adelphi Theatre. Quite funny, about the friendship of a shoemaker and a drag queen. And the next evening we went to see ballet. At Sadler Wells they performed Cinderella by the company of Matthew Bourne. Always a special choreography, and oh so beautiful! The classic fairy tale was set against the background of the London Blitz in 1941, mainly because Prokoviev wrote the music in this period.

Tomorrow we're off to Antwerp to see another musical show - Mozart. And next week it's once again to London, because Ramin Karimloo (one of the best voices in musical theatre) gives a solo performance in the Soutbank Centre.

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