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Monday, July 21, 2014

One year King Filip

Today, on the 21st of July (our national day of festivities) King Filip celebrates his first year on the Belgian throne.

When Filip would have been a student in my class, I'd give him an 9 on 10 for his efforts. While noboydy expected much of the crown prince (his father did not want him too much in the spotlights) he's done way better than thought before.

As a crown prince, Filip dared to phrase his opinion - on politics, on economics, ... - and he got a lot of criticism for it. As the new king, he does perfectly what is expected of him. He keeps his opinions to himself. 

He is also way more social than his father and mother. Filip is a king you can get near to. He pays a lot of attention to visit both parts of the country, not to be accused of being too French. He also speaks better Dutch as his father and grandfather. His children go to Flemish-speaking schools (btw, Flemish and Dutch are more or less the same language) and crown princess Elizabeth will be the first one to speak our language without an accent.

Filip used to be rather shy, but that is past tense. He dares to show his emotions, helped in this by his wife, Queen Mathilde. She is the perfect wife for him. Raised in a noble family with princely Polish blood, she knows and understands what is expected of a queen.

Mathile and Filip got most popular when they cheerad on our Red Devils, the national soccer team. When Origi made his goal, Mathilde jumped up just like any other supporter - and you could see Filip thinking 'what is she doing now?)

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