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Friday, July 4, 2014

What to see on Jersey

This is our second day on Jersey ( CChannel Islands) and up to now the weather has been great.

The island is quite interesting, as there is enough to see and do. Yesterday we visited Elizabeth Castle, which goes back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. It was mainly used to house a garrison and was quite active during the Napoleontic wars. Visitors can watch a 18th century surgeon practise his skills, or see how new recruits were trained and how the cannons were loaded and fired.

Today we went to see prehistoric findings at La Hogue Bie, where there is also a dolmen with a burial chamber that can be visited. From there it was only a short busdrive to Gorey, where Mont Orgueil Castle can be found. This is a medieval keep, and some English kings spent time there.

Now we are back in our hotel and already making plans for tomorrow. We want to see the war tunnels in St. Aubin and the local museum, but we have to be back in our hotel before 5 pm because we don't want to miss the soccer match Belgium-Argentina.

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