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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The curse of Malaysian Airways

Sorry I did not write anything yesterday - when you literally stick to the paper (or the computer in this case) because of the humidity in the air (officially the hottest day of the year) you don't feel like doing anything but lay listless in a deck chair and catch that last breeze.

So I wasn't there to report about the news of the Air Malaysia plane, leaving from Amsterdam,  that was shot down above Ukraine. Nearly 300 innocent people dead - people who wanted to have a holiday or attend a conference about AIDS.

Is there a curse on Malaysian Airways??? First they had a flight which simply disappeared some months ago, and now this. It could mean their bankrupcy. Who wants to take a plane that can either disappear or be blown to pieces?

It will also be a major problem to find out who is responsible. Several parties already accuse the others. Rumors go around about a chief of the Ukranian rebel army who  tells another one there is 'one bird down'. They did not seem surprised a plane was shot down, only that it was a passenger plane.

The Dutch claims they'll do anything to find the culprits and bring them to justice. Most of the dead had the Dutch nationality. There are also 5 Belgians dead in the crash. One a family of three, going on a trip to Bali. The trip was a reward for the son's good report at school...  And did you read about the Malaysian air hostess who escaped the first doomed flight by switching shifts, and now her husband died because he did the same?

What would you do if terrorists killed your family? Personally, I would like to see them punished - but then the hard way. An eye for an eye. In this case, kill the family of those responsible for bringing down the plane. Make them suffer as much as they make others.

What about you?

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