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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Switching between energy suppliers

Belgium is a rather conventional country - that is, until a year or so ago.

We used to be (very) faithful to our electricity and gas provider and remained with one telephone company until we died. Of course I have to mention we only had ONE company at that time...

But with the making free of the markets, we got different suppliers for telephone and internet, and several companies who dealt in electricity and gas. However, the laws of that time made it rather difficult to switch from one supplier to another. You could do so, but then you had to pay twice a month, until your first contract could be legally ended.

Minister De Lanotte however (a socialist, but sometimes they are not too bad) decided this was not very fair and the consument paid too much for what he or she was offered. So he made a law which permits the consument to switch without notice - and without costs!

Also I switched my electricity and gas supplier not so long ago. I was a client with Electrabel, but my electricity bill grew as months went by. Now I have a better offer from Eni - one in which I have a guarantee that the prices won't go up for at least three years to come. By that time, I'll see if I can't find an even better deal.

The same with telephone operators. I'm still with my old one, but that is only because I don't use my phone or mobile very often. Guess I'm a bit old-fahioned in thinking you only need it to announce you'll be late from work or something came up....

How are things in your country?

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