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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The importance of good neighbors

What do you do when you leave your house/flat to go away on a weekend, or on holiday? Install a good alarm system, have a watch dog in the yard?

I don't need any of these. I have a good neighbor. Some twenty years ago, the house next to ours was for sale, and the buyers were a couple with one son. Yvette and Willy, and Yvette's son Tom from a previous marriage. I knew Yvette from Kindergarten already. She had always been in class with me and is only a couple of months younger than I am.

Needless to say we got along fine from the start. So now when we are away from home, I do trust Yvette. She keeps an eye on the house, enters every day to open the shutters and see if nothing is wrong. Would anything be amiss, she calls me immediately on my mobile.

Up to now we have not had any problems. Nobody tried to break into the house, there was no damage from storms or heavy rains.

It is ever so important to get along with those who live next to you. You don't have to be on each other's laps but you should help each other when necessary. I often bring along groceries for Yvette, or buy a cute dress for her granddaughter.

How do you get along with your neighbors?

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