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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Songfestival - Contest of the Best

Yesterday evening, we went to see a variety show in the casino of Knokke. Years ago, it was a place only for the chosen few, but nowadays you can enter if you pay the fee.

We heard about this show on the radio, some weeks ago, and thought it would be nice to spend a Saturday evening at. The tickets were not very pricy - only 42 Euro for a seat on the first row of tables. For a small price you could also pre-order your bottle of red/white wine and some tapa's if  you felt like it.

The idea of organising this variety show comes from Stany Crets. Crets is a producer/actor/comedian who acquiter fame in Belgium when working together with Peter Vanden Begin. Together they formed a comic duo (dressed as women!).

The casino needed a show for the weekends, so they asked Stany if he could come up with a good idea. As he is about our age, he was and is a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, and so he thought of creating a show with songs from all these years of Eurovision.  A team of 6 singers would bring 25 hits (among which Waterloo from Abba, Celine Dion's winning song for Switserland, Hold me Now from Johnny Logan and many others). One of the singers was Stany's wife Ann Van Den Brouck, who is a big star in musicals. She can sing!

It was a very nice evening, with a show that lasted three hours. What was funny, was that the publigic was the jury. We all had to give 8 points, 10 points and 12 points to the songs we liked best from the show. The winner was - can you believe it? - Belgium's own Sandra Kim with J'aime la vie. And Sandra Kim herself was present to bring the song once more!

After the ending of the show, around midnight, we walked home along the beach. It took us about half an hour to reach our apartment building. Needless to say we slept well....

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