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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cleaver East in Dublin

Before we went on our trip to Dublin, I was browsing the internet to look for suitable restaurants. On one site I read that the Irish have the best beef, pork, etc. but just don't know how to prepare it. Well, the comment was by a Dutchman.... (Hereabouts they are not well known for the finer kitchen.)

When we arrived in our hotel, we had to wait about half an hour because our room was not yet ready, so we decided to have a light bite in the bar. On the menu was clam chowder and we ordered that. It tasted lovely, one of the best we've ever had. The food came from the kitchen of the restaurant located in the hotel, Cleaver East.

Cleaver East is a co-operation between The Clarence and chef Oliver Dunne, who owns a Michelin star restaurant in Malahide.

We decided to dine there that first evening. Because it was a Monday, we had a special with 3 tasting dishes for only 21€. You could chose between a variety of dishes, and they all looked very appealing. We settled for a first dish of smoked salmon, followed by a preparation with veal and lastly a delicious desert.

We also dined in Cleaver East on our last evening. Then we went into the 6-course surprise dinner by the chef, for 45€ per person. Along with a bottle of good wine, we only paid half of what we would pay in our own country. And the quality of the dishes and their ingredients was of top-notch quality. The chef knows how to prepare something and the combination of tastes is surprising.

I can really recommend dining out in this restaurant.

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