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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Help, we're drowning!

Flanders woke up this morning to a torrent of rain. It apparently began at night, sluices full opened... and it's still pouring down with buckets.

It was dry for a short spell this morning only. I took my bike, hoping to run some errands before the next bout of rain arrived. Was I so lucky! When I left the supermarket, the rain fell like a curtain. I waited some, but it kept raining, so at long last I unlocked my bike and rode home. (That's one of the disavantages of not having a car.)

As you can well guess I was soakingly wet. Although I wore a raincoat, everything underneath was as wet as if I'd been swimming - up to my underwear! I put everything to dry (I don't own a dryer) but it takes its time.

And it's cold too. Can you imagine, I had to put on the heating yesterday. I really don't like sitting in a living room while freezing.

August has been a terrible month for the weather. Cold and very, very wet. I can't remember when we had such a bad month before, it must have been a while.

And of course there are already floodings here and there. I'm ever so glad I had my roofs fixed two summers ago, otherwise I would have been wiping the water out of my kitchen.

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