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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The official end of summer

This weekend is the last of the long summer holidays. Kids (and teachers) had two months of freedom, but next Monday the new schoolyear will take its start once more.

There will be tears from the little ones, who go to school for the first time - and of their mothers and fathers who bring them to school.

There will also be worries for lots of parents, who will see the school bill go up. The government in making wants to raise the amount which parents have to pay for school utensils and others (like schooltrips etc.). Normally school is free, but even in state-owned schools parents (or kids) have to pay for the use of schoolbooks. In state schools books are lended for a fair price, in catholic school children have to pay for their new books.  Going to school can be quite expensive, especially when you chose for a catholic (hence, better) school.

Also there will be changes for the universities and colleges. Up to now students did not have to pay a high fee to enter uni. This will change. It is yet unknown how high the fees will be, but they will certainly be double or higher.

How is the situation in your county?

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