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Friday, August 1, 2014

Cycling through the hinterland

Knokke-Heist is a nice place when you love cycling. There are lots of cycling routes going (for instance) to Bruges, to Lissewege, to Damme, to Sluis (which is technically already Holland) and Cadzand.

Because we bought new bikes we took them for a ride this afternoon. The temperature was nice (around 23° Celsius) and there was not too much wind. The sun peeped through at regular intervals. We took a route leaving the seaside behind us and weaving through the pastures and fields of Westkapelle.This route can take you either to Holland or to the Zoute (this is near the border with Holland and it's also a nature reserve).

It's a nice place, right in the middle of nature. You pass farms and can buy home-made marmelades and beer or wines. Or picke sweet cherries at another farm. At the end of this route you come into the Oosthoek, which is a parish of Knokke.

The attraction there is Marie Siska, where you can eat the best waffles in the country. The recipe is more than hundred years old and nobody knows excactly what is in the dough.  (I did a blog about Siska's waffles last year, I believe).

It was a very nice afternoon, and we will certainly sleep well tonight.

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