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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Retreat Belgian Army 1914-2014

Exactly one hundred years ago, the Belgian Army on retreat (after fighting the Germans fruitlessly) arrived in Dendermonde. In this town they stayed to defend the city, until the 5th of September 1914. Then the Germans entered the town, and the chief commander ordered the town to be burnt down.

A group of interested people now re-enacted this retreat. They worked for over two years to get every detail right. The man wear the exact same uniforms, they use the same equipment. Their retreat lasted five days, from Limburg to Dendermonde.

My sister and I were at the Grote Markt (Great Marketplace) to see the army arrive. Quite a view, and afterwards there was a chance to take pictures and talk to the men. Here are a couple of the pictures we made:

These are the guides on bike. In World War One a soldier got the one bike, and he had to keep it in working order with what he could find. Often they did not find new tires...

A company of foot soldiers, saluting our mayor.

The Minerva, the first canon used in the war.

Some example of the cavalry regiments.

And last but not least, the field kitchen.

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