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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Accident 2 (too)

I've done it again! Those who are reading this blog will know we are painting our house.

Two weeks ago, my sister had a little accident because the stool she was on broke in two - hence a nice blue spot on her leg!

This time, it was my turn. We need to paint the upstairs but because of the construction of the house, it's nearly impossible to access every part by using a ladder only.

To reach one particular spot, we need to climb through my bedroom window and then step onto a flat roof. We had put a little step on the roofing, but I missed my footing and fell down onto the roofing. One blue elbow and a little sprain in my right ankle, plus a beautiful gash on my hip.

Yeah, yeah, you can laugh, but we don't have a man around and so we need to do everything ourselves.

Well, I think the next time we need to paint the house, I'll try and find a young guy who's willing to stand on tiptoe on ladders and climb through several holes and windows!

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