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Thursday, September 4, 2014

How often do you act on impulse?

As I grow older, I realize that more and more I let my impulses lead me. I used to be prudent when I was younger, but probably I missed chances just by doing so.

Our lives changed when our mother had a bad accident and landed in a wheelchair. Ever since that accident she pressed us to do what we wanted and to enjoy it thoroughly. 'It might be too late,' she used to say. 'Just look at me." She insisted we wouldn't postpone until tomorrow what we could to today.

Carpe Diem... that's how we live - and I can state we're so much the happier right now. Enjoy every day as it comes and let nothing bother you. All bad things come to an end, just like the good ones.

So yesterday once more, we allowed ourselves to indulge in what we call 'een folieke' (some extravaganza). Receiving an email from a theatre in Manchester about a ballet, we fell in love with the promo video and wanted to see this ballet (Beauty and The Beast). It's classic ballet but in modern choreography. And we do love ballet. Unfortunately, we can't get top seats in Antwerp or Ghent or Brussels. I don't know why. We always try to book them, but the best seats are all gone. And in Great-Britain or the USA it always works out. We pay for top seats and we get them - especially when I ask for one of the first rows because of my near-sightedness.

The performances in Manchester were too close to attend and not in a weekend. But the company (Birmingham Royal Ballet) also performs a couple of days in Birmingham itself, and luckily this includes a weekend. So we can fly out on Friday night and see the performance on Saturday night. Will be a great weekend, and Birmingham is a nice town. We were there the last year as well, to see Barry Gibb perform in the LG Arena.

What about you? Do you act on impulse? Or not?

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