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Friday, September 19, 2014

The end of summer?

It looks like the summer will finally come to an end.

July was a good and sunny month, August was colder and had more rain, but this September is one of the best we've ever experienced. The days are warm and sunny and we reached temperatures above the average.

It's ever so nice to be able to have dinner outside in the evening, and go shopping in bermuda's and tops.

But now the weather forecast predicts colder temperatures, although it will remain dry. Autumn will soon come to our parts. In a way, I like this season as well. The darkness falls sooner and you can cuddle up before the tv in your pajamas.

I bought the first Halloween decorations already. As soon as October sets in, we'll put them up. I found this cute bride and groom skeletons, and little pumpkins.

We have boxes with decorations for every season or occasion. In summer it's mostly everything concerned with the sea (fishes, shells, ...).

Do you also decorate according to the season?

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