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Friday, September 26, 2014

Autumn of protest

There is a lot of unrest going on in our country. After the national elections (which took place over 4 months ago) we still haven't got a federal government. But the talks are not very promising. Liberals and right-wingers have the majority and that never promises a lot of good for those who work for their living.

We need to econonomize. Ok, but in my mind they'd better look for the money where it is! There are talks going on to make everyone work much longer, the ministries should get less funding, culture and tv won't get a lot of money anymore, you'll have to pay more to put your kids into daycare, the insurances will go up, ....

Every week there are demonstrations and strikes. The police are not happy - they see their career lenghtened by sometimes as much as 8 years - and the unions are on the ready.

Today it is the teacher's turn. The radio news let know that teacher will need to work an extra hour per week starting from next school year. You can already imagine the responses! Those who think a teacher only has holidays will go along with this of course. But teachers who work long and hard to prepare their lessons and correct the homework of their students will not agree. It's wrong to think we only work 20 hours a week. Those are only the hours actually teaching in class. It says nothing about having to do guardian duties for or after school hours, having to sit in endless meetings with fellow teachers and the head of school, then preparing the next day's lessons and (in my case) often correcting over 30 essays per class (and you have more than one!).

I'm convinced this government will not be a popular one.

On the other hand, I also heard some good news. The interest rates have sunk so low that you won't have to pay interest on loans with variable running time. Good for me, because I have such a loan. I pay the same amount each month, but the end date of the payback can vary. Originally it was until April 2022, but now it is already down to October 2019. And probably it will even be less by next year!

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