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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Accidents do happen

Like I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, my sister and I are working in and around the house. The previous weekend and also this one we are doing the doors and windows. As they are all in meranti wood, we need to put a protective coating on them.

But our house is an old one - nearly one hundred years old - and some places are hard to reach, even with a ladder.

This morning we were working on the bedroom window in the front of the house. It's not a normal one, as it has the shape of a half moon. Looks very nice, but the guys who made this clearly did not think about a) washing that window, b) varnishing it.

Even when standing on a ladder (from the inside, it's much too dangerous placing one outside because of the heavy traffic) it's nearly impossible to reach the upper part of that half moon circle. So my sister was leaning rather hard on the ladder when it (the ladder) broke and she fell.

Luckily for her she did not knock her head and also did not top outside, but half of her body is getting a nice blue color...

Guess we'll have to find a young lad to do the work next time! We don't have any family though, so we'll have to find a volunteer at work. I suppose there are always guys who want to earn an extra, right?

I'm ever so glad nothing really bad happened with Chris. Btw, I always find it strange that she seems to be more prone to being accidented. I'm near-sighted and don't have any in-depht vision (that is why I was so bad in ball games) but up to now I never had something bad happening to me.

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