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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Clever dog!

All those who love animals know they are not the dumb creatures others think so. Cats and dogs are quite intelligent, and this is shown once again.

A woman suffering from a heavy form of epilepsy, got a specially trained dog some time ago. This dog barks twenty minutes before she will suffer an attack of epilepsy. This gives the woman the chance to warn her husband, put everything down and herself in bed. She was afraid of having a baby, but now she has this wonderful dog, she thinks she might have one at last.

Beautiful story, isn't it?

I would also love to have a dog, but my sister is not quite for it. She still suffers from losing our cat Pluche.

Pluche also was a clever animal. Once when we were having builders in the house, it was impossible to go through the kitchen to reach the garden. So we told Pluche he should jump through the window in the living room. Well, after he had been outside, he sat waiting on the window sill! He also understood when the builders were ready and he could go out the usual way. Btw, he inspected their work!!!

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