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Monday, August 28, 2017

Basic pension for everyone?

Here in Belgium, people are mainly concerned with their income, whether it is a salary or a pension. You can only hurt a Belgian if you take away some (or a lot) of his money...

So it's normal people talk about and articles are written when the government changes something to this income. The present government is right-winged, and is concerned to protect the very wealthy. An example: they had a tax shift two years ago, but what is the result? Those who earn the least in some cases get even less, while those who earn a lot get more. That's because the tax shift is based on bruto income, and when it augments you can get into a higher tax system. The highest rate is 50% and that is what most people like myself payed all their working life.

And now they're attacking the pensions. The government has a general feeling civil servants get a pension that's way too high (remark: when we started working, we were told our monthly pay was less than that of a private worker, because a percentage was meant for our pension). So they have announced all kinds of plans.

Fodder for the opposition, of course. Left, socialist and green are in arms already, hoping to find more votes (there are general elections in 2019). Green as well as the socialists propose a basic pension for everyone.

What does it mean? Well, anyone would get a basic sum monthly. If you haven't work a single day in your life, that's it. But those who worked get extra for every year they were busy.

I wonder what will come of all these proposals. Will the present government keep its majority? Or will another coalition has to be made?

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