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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mini Devils

Cute initiative of Pleegzorg Vlaanderen (Foster Care Flanders). To promote their services and find new foster parents, they've launched an action in co-operation with the national soccer team, the Belgian Red Devils.

The organisation looked around and found kids who resemble one of the team members. Like mini Fellaini's, mini-Kompany's, mini-De Bruyn's, ... Cute indeed! The kids got to meet some of the Red Devils and had a chance to talk to them and get a picture.

What is more special is that three of these mini-devils come from one family: two brothers and one sister. The sister looks like Fellaini with her hair-do and the boys resemble Dembélé and Kompany. The kid's mother is Burundese, their dad Belgian. A nice mix, says the mum, the combination African-European gives something special, just like in the real national team. This is one of the strongest we've ever had.

Let's hope this initiative brings in more foster families for the kids who need them. Too many still don't find a warm home.

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