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Thursday, August 3, 2017


Yesterday morning I got the permission of my doctor to travel again. My wound is healing well and I'm fit enough to take walks.

Now I'm feeling a bit frustrated because we cancelled our trip to Tuscany on advise of the doctor. She wasn't sure I'd be well enough to make this trip. But look and see, I'm almost as healthy as before. So actually we needn't have made the cancellation. We could have been enjoying the good life in Tuscany and bask in the sun.

We've been looking to find another (short) trip now that I'm allowed to travel, but since my sister is working again on August 21st, the time is short and you don't find anything anymore. Either the air fare is way too expensive, or the hotels cost as fortune.

I know, I should be thankful I'm doing so well and that the cancer in my kidney was not of an agressive sort. There is a chance the other small tumors will now remain as they are or even disappear. A checkup in October will bring more insight. Otherwise, I'll need to take more medication (chemo is not good for me, having only one kidney) to fight the cancer.

But right now I'm feeling selfish and I wish both my sister (who's been doing a lot for me, and needs a break badly) could enjoy some days in a sunny resort.

Will keep on looking!


  1. Good luck on your search for a sunny getaway and on your health continuing to improve!

  2. Hi Genene! We did indeed find something, after a search of two full days: four days in Madrid, Spain, for a very reasonable price. Hotel looks great and there's a lot to see in the Spanish capital.