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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Watching another work

The neighbors left to right and across the big avenue, who would be watching us, will probably think I'm a very lazy girl.

Why? Becacuse my sister has been working (painting the front of the flat, the railings, cleaning up windows etc.) constantly, while I'm just looking on. Well, sometimes I hand over a (small) bucket of water, or fetch a spunge, ... but in general I can't do anything special.

My major surgery is 4 weeks past by now, but I'm forbidden to do anything tiring or heavy. I can only lift something not heavier than 5 kg and it's best not to stretch too much either. I'm allowed to roll my small suitcase when we do our trip next week, but my sister will have to lift it up when we put it in the overhead luggage carrier - or else I'll find a guy who wants to do it for me.

Being forbidden heavy work has it advantage, of course. When back home, I can't clean the house (!) only wipe away some dust. Will enjoy that as long as it lasts...

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