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Monday, August 21, 2017

Breakdown after a vacation - it happens

Interesting article in the newspaper today. Apparently, those who go on holidays already feeling stressed out will risk a breakdown when they return to work.

Well, I suppose something about this may be true. I don't have to work anymore, so I can hardly feel stress, but when you come home from a holiday filled with sun and leisurely activities, it's not nice to return to grey skies and cold temperatures. That alone can give you a shock! And my sister definitely did not feel happy when she had to get up for work this morning.

But a real breakdown? I don't know. You hear a lot about breakdown these days. Ever since the government changed the rulings for getting your pension (I was among the lucky ones who got an exception). People have to work longer and will get a lower pension, so it's not to wonder some of them get tired when they near their 60th birthday and get 'depressed'.

I also think breakdowns can be avoided. A person has to learn how to say 'no' at a given time. I know, this is not alway easy, but it can be in your best interest. If you always agree to what's being said, you end up working day and night, workdays and Sundays. And then a breakdown is unavoidable. Our government recently voted a bill which gives you the right to not answer a call from you employer after working hours and in the weekend/holiday. It's taken me a long time, but I could finally convince my sister not to check her workmail during our vacation this year. Guess the poor girl was tired already by taking care of me (had surgery) and doing all the chores in and around the house. Now I have to persuade her not to work weekends anymore. That will not be so easy. She feels so responsible, because payment of teachers depend on her. Oh well, we'll see...

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