Friday, April 6, 2018

Late at night, and still 30°Celsius!

At the moment we're staying in the most southern of the UAE, Ras al-Khaimah. We arrived here around noon and found it quite a bit warmer than Dubai.

We spent today (Sunday for the Muslims) in and around the various pools of the hotel Hilton RAK Resort and Spa). At noon the temperature rose easily up to 37°, so you could best stay in the shade of a large umbrella... Nevertheless we assembled quite a bit of color. 

What was nice though, is the fact the have a pool bar here, where you can order your drinks sitting on a stool in the water. Could get used to that!

Tomorrow we are making a trip into Oman. The region of Musandam is not so far from here, and according to some acquaintances of ours, it resembled the fjords in Norway somewhat (only the weather is different). We'll be sailing the Arab Sea on a dhow (traditional fishing boat). Looking forward to that!

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