Monday, April 30, 2018

First European Mermaid Convention

Or, put in other words: you can't go any crazier! Some people need their fantasty come alive. That's why mermaids and mermen exist. They had the chance to meet in Genk (a town in the east of Flanders, province of Limburg) where the first European convention for mermaids took place.

Those who took part had the chance to swim (tail decorated in all kinds of material) in a large aquarium between tropic fish - and before a public. Interested viewers could watch the movements of the various mermaids before the large windows. Some did it really well, others could barely swim with the heavy tail (can easily weigh 25 kg).

Apparently, nowadays you can also take a course of how to become a mermaid (excercise makes perfect) and some girls/women/men are already professionals and can make their living from being underwater....

Nothing for me!

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