Thursday, April 19, 2018

Summer in spring

The weather is totally crazy! As of yesterday, we've landed right into summer. (Well, for us that makes the difference between the Middle Eastern and cold European climates less.) This is quite exceptional.

Yesterday, the temperature reached 24° Celsius. A very beautiful day, with blue sky and lots of sunshine. Warm enough to have dinner outside for the first time this year. Come to think of it, we didn't eat outside last year because it was either too cold or too hot and I'm not sure about the year before.

The best thing is, the weather here is better than in Spain or Portugal! Not normal, but you can better enjoy it while it lasts! We'll be eating outside once more this evening, as the temperature will go up to 28°. Supermarkets and butcher's shops are selling barbecue meat by the dozen these days. It's nice to have a barbecue, and I'm sure that tonight more than one set will be lighted.

Let's hope we can have some more nice weather in the months to come. The last ten or more summers have not been great. Luckily we have a trip to Seville planned. So if the weather isn't that good in Belgium, at least there we'll get some sunshine. The older I become, the more I long for warm weather and sunshine.

What about you?

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