Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Another birthday passed by

How the years go by! Yesterday was my 62nd birthday - and I feel just like I used to all the time. At heart still a girl of twenty (abouts) and in wisdom somewhat older. Still able to do anything I like. My body doesn't ache when I do something strenuous yet. The only setback is my health. Yet I try to live with my cancer as best as I can; the illness doesn't make me bodily weak and I don't suffer too many after-effects of the medication I need to take.

I don't mind getting older. Do you? For me, it was nothing to become 40, 50, 60. I hope I can put many more years on the teller! My grandmother was 86 when she died and she lived the longest in our family. I want to do better.

I suppose as long as you keep busy, and your mind is occupied, you really don't feel age. And I do keep myself occupied with all kind of matters. I read, I do puzzles, sometimes I write, I walk a lot and ride my bike, I like to go swimming and occasionally I ski or go horseback riding.

As there are only two of us left, there wasn't a great party yesterday. But we did have a good glass of wine in the evening to toast on another year.

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