Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May is a great month

Choosing between all the months of the year, I must admit I've a slight preference for May.

First of all, my birthday is in May (15th) and that makes it already great.

Secondly, it's the month in which everything comes to full bloom. The trees get their foliage in full splendor and you can see flowers popping their heads up. In the mornings you wake up with the call of birds.

And thirdly, in May you have many days off. We already started with a long weekend, as May 1st was on a Tuesday and so many people were granted an extra day off on Monday. Unfortunately, the weather was not all that great - too cold for the time of year and lots of rain. The coming week, the next vacation is coming up. Thursday May 10th is Ascension Day and everyone's free the rest of the week. The week afterwards, it's Whitsunday and automatically you also get the following Monday off. We'll be making trips during these long weekends. One goes to London (already the third time this year) and the second one to Prague in the Czech Republic.

For the coming week we're promised nice sunny & warm weather, so let's hope this can stretch to the rest of the month. Anyway, I hope it doesn't rain on my birthday!!!

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