Thursday, May 24, 2018


Today I had to go to the day hospital to have my three-monthly scan of the lower body. They do this with kidney protection, which means I have to be in the day clinic an hour in advance to get my infuse. The scan went without any problem.

The problem is, the results weren't in by noon. Normally they are, and you know if your treatment is working or not. Last time, I learned immediately that the little points on my lungs had almost disappeared, and that the lump at my pancreas hadn't grown and was changing in color already. Now I have to wait until next week, when I'm seeing the oncologist and have my blood tested (this happens every 4 weeks).

I'm not afraid to hear bad news, but it's not pleasant having to wait that long! How about you? Do you want to know a result immediately, or can you wait patiently???

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