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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Get into the mood for Halloween

As today is already October 20th, we are all getting into the mood for Halloween. I've decorated my home already and there are pumkins lying around, witches flying above our heads, cobwebs with dark spiders lurking...

The days become shorter and it's getting dark by 6 pm. Especially when mist is rolling in, the mood is perfect to cocoon in your living room, smug in your comfy chair. What do you like to do on such evenings?

I like to watch a good movie (Harry Potter is perfect for this season) or read a good book. When I was a young girl, I used to borrow novels from a certain Catherine Durant (or was it Dunant?), a Dutch author who wrote collections of short stories which were a mix between horror and romance. She had about 6 or 7 volumes of those and I've often read and re-read them over the years.

So when I began to become serious about my own writing career (it took me until my 50th birthday to realize I should try and get published) I wondered if I could not do something similar. And while doing my day time job at school (I was responsible for the accounting of a group of school at that time) I filled the spare time between filing orders and paying bills with the creation of short stories.

I wrote a bunch of them in no time and send them to my publisher. Just like this Catherine,  I tried to make a mix between subtle horror and romance. Some stories have a happy ending, others don't. And as a matter of fact, I use the last one in this collection as the background for a novel I'm working on, and which will be more gothic than my previous novels.

The collection is called Face in the Mirror and Other Stories and is available from Amazon for 3,73 $ (only available in ebook version). For this small amount you'll have a good read for those dreary days and nights, or to fill your time while commuting to work.



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