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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Point of discussion: less woman without breasts?

Today one subject in the newspaper caught my attention: an article about a woman who had had breast cancer and who wanted new breasts.

The woman tells it is unfair she has to pay thousands of euros to have new breasts, as this is not beauty surgery. She can understand people have to pay a lot to get bigger (or smaller) breasts because they want it, but if you've survived cancer you should get the treatment for free.

Apart from the question is this surgery after cancer should be entirely free of charge, you can also ask yourself if no breasts make you less of a woman.

For me, the answer would be a definite 'no'. I suppose I would not feel any different with only one breast or even none. What you are in inside, in the way you are thinking. I don't have a husband or boyfriend, but if I had I would think he did not love me if he went away because I'd had cancer and was left minus one or two breasts.

There are a number of celebrities here in Flanders who are either for what I think - for instance Nicole from the duo Nicole & Hugo. She had cancer and her husband is still with her and still loves her for what she is. But others need a vanity surgery because they are afraid their husband or boyfirend will think less of them.

What is your take on this?

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