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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What happened to the Air Malaysia Boeing 777?

It's been more than a week now. A flight from Air Malaysia just disappeared out of sight. No trace of the plane nor its passengers was found (yet).

The big question is what has really happened. Aviation experts consider two main causes: either an accident (i.e. an explosion in which the Boeing broke into hundreds of parts) or terrorism.

The list of passengers is closely being studied, as well as the backgrounds of both pilot and co-pilot. Did one of them have ties with any extremist group?

My sister has a feeling though that the boeing has not crashed and has probably landed in parts unknown. And I do trust my sister's feelings.

Not impossible, as the plane was flying under the radar and all monitoring systems were switched off in the cockpit. A military radar spotted the plane hours after it 'disappeared'.

I wonder if we'll ever know what really happened. Sometimes strange things occur. And I would not like to think planes get hijacked once more, like they were years ago. One of our friends was on a flight that was hijacked and landed in Jamaica. She lived to tell the story, but I know it had a big effect on her way of thinking.

And if the pilot wanted to commit suicide, he could have chosed other means. Why not put a gun against his head and pull the trigger? Or take a rope and hang yourself? I always think it selfish when people commit suicide in ways others suffer as well. Like jumping under the train. Giving the train conductor a heart attack and the passengers all late for work - sometimes even losing their job because they're late.

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