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Monday, March 24, 2014

Singing nun astonishes Italy

As you know, The Voice is running pretty much everywhere. There is The Voice UK, The Voice Flanders, The Voice Holland - and also The Voice Italy.

During one of the blind auditions, the jury (among which Raffaela Cara) didn't know what was happening when someone took the stage and began to sing 'No One' (orginally from Alicia Keyes). The public just went wild.

Not very much longer one of the judges turned already (a rapper, but forgive me if I don't remember his name) and soon after the others did as well.

They could not believe their eyes when they noticed the frail young nun in her black habit who stood swinging on the stage!

She is Sister Cristina, 25 years old, from Sicily. She has a good voice and has taken the pope's advice to share what she has with the world. She also hopes Pope Francisus will call her one of the coming days - that would really make her day.

She chose to be in the rapper's team - his words: the devil and god make a good pair.


  1. She was AMAZING! Such talent. :)

    1. She sings wonderful indeed, Cathi! Are you also watching other The Voice shows? We like to watch BBC, where this Saturday the semi final will be contested.

    2. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I don't watch television. But I have seen some great clips from The Voice via social media (I saw this one on Facebook). :)