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Monday, May 19, 2014

Getting ready to barbecue

With this nice weather - and the prospect of even better days to come - the barbecue season is in full swing.

Do you love to barbecue? I do, but unfortunately I am not good with the classic barbecue set. I don't know what happens (I seem to do everything right) but either the charcoal doesn't want to burn, or when it does it only keeps going for half an hour.

So because we do like to barbecue on warm summer nights, we got ourselves an electric barbecue. I admit, not the same taste - but oh so easy to handle! (And most likely better for your health!)

What is your favorite food on the barbecue? Most Belgians go for sausages and ribs. Personally I prefer fish (like salmon) or seafood on the grill. We have some great recipies with these ingredients.

Please respond if you want to share ideas!

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