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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A summer full of sports

If you are into sports, you can watch a lot of it nowadays.

The FIFA World Cup Soccer is going towards the 1/8 finals (and hurray, Belgium is part of it!) and this will cause a surge of national feeling no politician or king has ever established. The streets simply color black-yellow-red. Flags are everywhere and those who are more creative even paint their house in the tricolore, or put up garlands around their fences or hedges. Cars have tricolore 'coats' over their side windows and flags on top of their roofs. We always said the Dutch went crazy when there was football, but now we are just as crazy...

Next there is Wimbledon - perhaps a bit forgotten with the soccer game. Our Belgian women all got into the next round, which is good already. We have Kirsten Flipkens, Yanina Wickmayer and AllisonVan Uytvanck. A pity the days of Henin and Clijsters are past!

And for those who love cycling,  next week the Tour de France will start again. Who will win this year?

Locally, we have had a championship rugby, with teams from all over the world. Heard some Aussies when we went to the station to take the train to the coast. I know from someone who lives around the sportsgrounds that this rugby tournament is always a big event. After the matches, the players just stroll around and often share drinks with people who live in the neighborhood.

What's your favorite sport to watch? Please share!

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